Dog Friendly London – where do we go?

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Updated April 2024

Ages ago I came across a fun and comprehensive post by blogger LibertyLondon on dog friendly venues across Central and North London. This spurred me on to write a similar post but covering of course, South London. A few years ago, a few months after Amber joined our family, I wrote an article for Identita’ Golose, with a bunch of places we had managed to visit. Since then, a few things have changed  and we’ve discovered more places to visit with her.

I keep this post as up to date as I can, but things change quickly and thankfully, there are more and more places which are dog friendly. A great group worth joining to keep up to date is on Facebook.

Yet as a rule of thumb, is always important to ask if the dog is allowed, as often it depends on the size and temperament of the dog whether they are welcome or not.

And for the best dog blog ever, do visit my friend Teresa’s The Dogvine; it includes monthly dog events!!

Saturday coffee at Love & Scandal
Saturday coffee in Lower Marsh

Central London

Not that we visit the west end very often, but indeed small dogs are allowed in Liberty’s, the Apple Store and Selfridges. In Marylebone, the lovely people at La Fromagerie will allow small and calm dogs.

In Soho, the famous pizza haunt run by Pizza Pilgrims is only dog friendly on the terrace now and thanks to reader Ellen (see detailed comment below), we know the Dean Street says all branches are dog friendly but not all staff are aware and turn people with small dogs down. She says she goes to Detox Kitchen in Carnaby which doesn’t have a problem with a small dog.  New arrival elegant Nessa by chef Tom Cenci is dog friendly in the lovely bar area and does great food.

Other good spots in the neighborhood are Duck and Rice (downstairs in Pub only), Sun and 13 Cantons (go for the rotating kitchen residencies), Gelupo for Gelato says small dogs are OK and Tsujiri Matcha House. Polpo and Vinoteca should be dog friendly across London, they are for sure in their Soho branch. We also had dinner at Mele e Pere in Soho years ago, with Amber.

PictureHouse Central cinema on Piccadilly periodically hosts dog friendly sunday screenings. I took Amber a few years ago and she loved the foyer full of other doggies but the movie itself, she hated. She spent the entire time cuddled up under my chair. I felt the volume was a little too high too but they are very popular events so worth checking out. 

In Covent Garden, cute dog store Bow Wow is a posh boutique for your beloved pooch (yes, £70 for a leather harness). Dr Marten’s store on Neal Street allows dogs inside, while Zara on Long Acre and Mango (with a very unfriendly store manager) on Neal St do not (however Zara Kings Road branch does). Elegant hotel Rosewood is also dog friendly (in High Holborn) and so is Bakery Arome.

Amber checking herself out in Liberty's
Amber checking herself out in Liberty’s

The Yards, a new area tucked off Long Acre, is dog friendly too: within their space, you can dine at 28-50 WIne bar, Bill’s in St Martin’s courtyard and one of my favourite spots, Stanfords bookshop (their cafe has indoor and outdoor seating and makes a fab iced chocolate). Ole & Steen (multiple branches) are mostly dog friendly and Neal St Espresso (social enterprise with great coffee) is too.

In Hatton Gardens, London-based Hatton Jewels, a dog-friendly boutique, warmly invites clients to bring along their beloved pooches while they browse their collection of fine jewellery.

South East London

Southbank / Bankside

On the South Bank chains Giraffe and others will only allow you to dine with your dog on their outside terrace. Not many establishments here are sadly dog friendly but the area itself is a nice place for a walk. The reopened Green Room and Marsha will allow dogs indoor too and so does The Mulberry Bush, a really good pub on Upper Ground. Or try the new space at Brewdog (for an in depth review see my recent post). Forget chain Gail’s which is not dog friendly, while some Caffe Nero and Costa might allow furry friends.

Lower Marsh / The Cut / Blackfriars

On Lower Marsh, there’s a great choice if one wants a proper coffee: Scooter Café Pedlar Cafe and Balance all allow dogs inside.  Bar and vegan restaurant Vaulty Towers  (managed by The Vaults theatre company) and the Glitch are also very dog friendly. Boutique hotel Ruby Sofie might allow dogs in the entrance area after breakfast (we’re not quite sure yet!). We have yet to try newly opened Juice Bar V&V (in what used to be Four Corners Cafe).

Unfortunately grocery store Greensmiths does not allow dogs inside which means we barely shop there but they have outdoor tables; other shops which allows dogs are Rymans, Twice the Siren, the charity shop and plant cafe the Travel Cafe.  Local pub the Hercules on Westminster Bridge road is dog friendly but food is so-so.

 Around Waterloo, the White Hart and famous Anchor & Hope (on the Cut) are dog friendly, the Duke of Sussex gastro pub by Millenium Green does great food and allows dogs. The Young Vic cafe & restaurant allows dogs too, and a lot of the coffee chains on the Cut have outdoor terraces. Origins Coffee Roasters behind Blackfriars road do great brunches and fab coffee. The ground floor bar area (Albie)  in the plush Hoxton Hotel will let you have a drink with your furry friend too!

Amber outside 80 Stone Coffee Roasters
Amber outside 80 Stone Coffee Roasters, sadly now closed.

On London road, latin american restaurant Paladar and smoothie cafe Raw Press welcome dogs, just like nearby gastro pub the Albert Arms

Further up on Blackfriars Road FCB coffee by Blackfriars station entrance (south side) has a jar of dog biscuits.

Borough / London Bridge 

Mercato Metropolitano, which opened a few years ago in Borough, allows dogs on a lead within their grocery store, which is fantastic, and their food courts, so well done to them.Just south of them by the E&C roundabout, is new cafe Old Spike Roastery with dog treats at the ready and fab coffee.

Flatiron Square, another street food location recently opened, allow dogs although it’s busy on some nights so might not be the ideal place for four legged shorties like Amber. O’ver pizzeria is another great option. Reopened italian gourmet deli Prezzemolo & Vitale allows you do some grocery shopping with your pooch while the Whisky Shop is an essential shop which stayed open during lock down and welcomes dogs too.

We enjoyed a great breakfast at permanent pancake house Where the Pancakes Are who welcomed Amber. Coffee shop Gentlemen’s Baristas remaining shop in Borough is still a great option; we always visited their Union Street shop (the original) and Amber loooooved  coming over, as they always give her some treats and lots of fuss and she meets other doggies (Zelda the labrador, Monday the staffie). Sadly they closed down, but instead head to their Borough Market branch or Longboys Donuts in Borough Yard

Not far from there, Great Guns Social (Southwark Bridge Road) is a renovated foodie heaven, with on going residencies. They love dogs and Amber has already been photographed by their resident photographer. Caravan Rosters only allows dogs on their outdoor terrace sadly.

Amber and I in Mercato Metropolitano - Photo by The Dogvine
Amber and I in Mercato Metropolitano – Photo by The Dogvine

Borough Market finally allows dogs on a lead; Italian owned (seems like a fil rouge?) Gelateria 3 Bis is where we often now stop for a coffee or a proper ice cream with Amber. Pulia also used to allow small, well behaved dogs but we have not been since their reopening; vegan fine dining Mallow is a great place to eat and will let you bring your pooch. 

Not a single one of the other chainy places in the market area allow dogs, so don’t even bother, but on Borough Road, Neapolitan deli Flavours of Naples welcomed us with open arms.

Dog outside a cafe in winter
Amber outside Gentlemen Baristas

Nearby Union Street Arches have two restaurants who are both dog friendly with small pooches if no other customer complains, Bala Baya (israeli grill) and Macellaio RC (Italian steak house); the Theatre Cafe’ is also dog friendly. 

Bermondsey Street is the well-known dog friendly mecca of South London: all or almost all shops and restaurants here allow you to bring your dog in, including high end Pizzarro, the Garrison, Cafe Murano and the Woolpack where there is a water fountain and treat dispenser in their spacious outdoor area. Make sure you stop by in pet boutique Holly & Lil!

Nearby Maltby St Market is the perfect place to replace ‘Borough’ as foodie market, where most restaurants allows you to eat or drink with a dog including Bar Tozino and 40 Maltby on Maltby Street deserves a shout out too as, as Ellen confirms, they love dogs and they strongly encourage you to bring him/her. The Table Cafe in Southwark also is dog friendly, we used to visit very often but have not done so for ages, and they do a good brunch. Caravan Bankside will only allow dogs on their very attractive terrace.

Amber at the Three Stags
Amber at the Three Stags
Elephant & Castle / Kennington 

Near the Imperial War Museum, the local pubs are very dog friendly: the Three Stags, is currently closed for refurb; nearby Brewdog owned The Tankard also allows dogs but seems now closed (and the food is not great); further down on Kennington Road, the Tommyfield and the Ship are decent dog friendly, gastro pubs. Vanilla Black near Kennington Cross offers great coffee and allows dogs. 

Newcomer Walcott Stores cafe’ on the corner of period stunner of the same name welcomes dogs, does great coffee and selection of pastries and arts & craft, we already love it!


Near the famed Elephant & Castle roundabout, recently opened Neapolitan pizzeria Theo’s will allow dogs in their bar area; the Elephant Works complex is also dog friendly and Tupi London in the Castle Square allows small dogs too. Incredibly, Pret by the Castle Centre is also dog friendly!

In Vauxhall, we sometimes visit the quaint Tea House Theatre, where brunch is great, cakes are amazing and the tea menu is fab; across the road the Black Dog does a good Sunday roast, both of course, dog friendly while Brunswick House was a fantastic place for a candle lit dinner with Amber in tow a few years ago.

Further South East

Further south, in Streatham Common I hear the Railway is a lovely gastropub with a garden too and Dog and Fox  as well as the Hand in Hand in Wimbledon are also great spots to take a dog. We recently dined at the renovated the Talbot in Brockley which is great and do check out Tila in Deptford if still open (owned by chef Dan Doherty).

Tea House Theatre
Tea House Theatre

City of London / East London

Not an area I know too well, but markets Netil and Broadway are dog friendly, as well as Columbia Road Flower Market. When we visit, we usually have breakfast at the Motorbike Shed, which is a great, spacious venue which is dog and baby friendly.  Ellen adds that Le Merlin (crepes) and p Franco (wine bar) on lower Clapton road in Shoreditch are dog friendly. Pangea Coffee on Commercial Street is a place for an aussie coffee / brunch and has a resident basset fauve! We also recently dined at Lebanese wine bar Sohaila, great wines and very tolerant of two dogs bang in the middle of the dining room floor. On Hackney Road we love newly opened Brags & Brams, fabulous brunches and breakfast, aperitivo for you and your dog.

Upmarket steak restaurants M in the City is dog friendly and often organise Doggy brunches too, but we have yet to try them. Around Broadgate Circle many restaurants have outdoor terraces (Gaucho, Yauatcha, Franco Manca, Beany Green, Yolk, Bar Douro and more) so we assume they will all be a good option when the weather is clement.

Shad Thames / St Katherine’s dock

Coffee shop White Mulberries  and french fine dining Le Melusine [read our review on the Dogvine blog] in St Katherine’s dock also welcomes dog. Further, recent additions (thanks Ellen) are Pique-nique from the casse croute team inside tanner park, a more casual French bistro, with a chicken rotisserie and a changing menu. WatchHouse coffee shop in Shad Thames is doing small plates at dinner and a few breakfast/brunch items in addition to the usual sandwiches

Dog friendly Four Corners Cafe
Amber at Four Corners Cafe’

West / South West London

Quite a random selection, but worth a mention are Michelin starred the Harwood Arms and gastro pub the Imperial in Fulham as well as Megan’s (so are their branches in Balham, Battersea Power Station and Clapham too) . On the King’s Road, Italian grocery Prezzemolo & Vitale is a fantastic place to buy milk and cheese and more with your dog! Further up from here, stop by in posh pet boutique Love My Human and their restaurant which is the best for dogs in the area. The bar area at the smart Cadogan Hotel nearby  does a fab afternoon tea.

In the Clapham / Battersea we have visited the Abbeville, 32 Old Town, lovely Nutbourne by the canals and grocery store / deli restaurant the Butcher & Grill, all recommended.

The Battersea Power Station complex – indoor shopping area and restaurants including Fiume – are wonderfully friendly to four legged customers.

A basset fauve in a pub looking away
Looking at the Corgi convention

Things change quickly and surely this list is not exhaustive so anyone with more suggestions particularly in these areas of London, feel free to mention in comments.

Please always ask first…

And I am quoting the below bullet point by my fellow blogger and dog owner Miss Darcy from her really comprehensive post (which I’d recommend reading):

  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Keep them out of the way of waiters and other diners (preferably under the table)
  • Don’t let them get near the food on the table (I am sometimes guilty of this but I only do so at more casual eateries)
  • Make sure they don’t bark. Nothing like having an intimate conversation over dinner and be interrupted by a bark.

And of course, thank you to those shop owners and managers who are open minded enough to allow Amber to come in with us; it’s business and it’s money, and we find ourselves shopping or dining regularly where we can take her with us.

Amber in Ockenden Manor, her first hotel stay
Amber in Ockenden Manor, her first hotel stay

23 comments Dog Friendly London – where do we go?

Java the Corgi says:

Just called up the Riding House Cafe and they’re not dog friendly anymore 🙁


pastabites says:

Ah that’s a shame… thanks for sharing the update!

Izabela Kaczor says:

Hi there,

Yes, I can confirm we’ve not been dog friendly for quite a while. We’d really appreciate an update on your website.

All the best,

Riding House Cafe
Reception Manager

Izabela Kaczor says:

Also I just realised our sister restaurant has been mentioned. That restaurant is dog friendly. However, just a correction the place is not called the East Village – it used to be called Village East but now we have rebranded and it’s called LOYAL TAVERN. Loyal Tavern is very dog friendly and full of 4 legged regulars.


Group Reception Manager for House Cafes

pastabites says:

Thanks – updating.

Hello! Bit late to the party – was just checking links on my Analytics, which led me to this. So just wanted to say thank you for the link!! Best wishes, LLGcc

pastabites says:

Thank you as well for your comment 🙂

This is a brilliant and very helpful round up for this owner of a miniature schnauzer! I really struggle to find comprehensive round-ups of dog friendly places in London.

pastabites says:

Thank you… and frustratingly, often the same places change their policy too so you can never be too sure… !

Cho says:

Came across your site while searching to see if our small dog is allowed off leash on south bank as some jobsworths told my gf it’s not allowed even though we and most dog owners in the area have always had our dogs off leash. Coincidentally we’ve been to quite a few of the places you’ve mentioned but also have many others that we haven’t so thank you for all the useful information. It’s true that places change their minds quite often but have recently found that Italian establishments generally allow dogs. I hate being told its against the law to bring dogs into restaurants/shops when it clearly isn’t. I’m more offended by the ignorance and use of an easy but false excuse!

Actually we came across Puglia near borough market and the clink museum which allowed us in (we have a small Brussels griffon). It has a small pasta menu wh9ch is really well made and great coffe with a small selection of cakes.

pastabites says:

Thank you for your comment, indeed it’s very frustrating. We’ve just come back from another road trip to Italy and France, and it’s so refreshing, we had not a single instance of being refused entry. In fact, most places (restaurants, cafes’) are surprised when I ask if I can get in with the dog! Almost as if it’s obvious I should. Such a different with the UK!

Ellen says:

Been to pizza pilgrims a few times in 2016 with a 5 kg clean white well behaved dog. Can only sit outside now. The service is hit or miss outside they tend to forget about you when the weather is chilly.

pastabites says:

Thank you for the notification, updating post now!

Ellen Ngai says:

So further update on Pizza Pilgrims. My bad luck is with the location in Carnaby. My friend says she takes her Poodle/Shih Tzu cross into the Dean Street location lots, and Dean Street says all branches are dog friendly. It sounds like I’ve just run into poorly trained staffers at Carnaby a couple times. I have to admit after being told NO twice, I’ve stopped asking and going.

I go to Detox Kitchen instead in Carnaby which doesn’t have a problem with my small dog. Other good spots in the neighborhood are Duck and Rice (downstairs in Pub only), Sun and 13 Cantons (go for the rotating kitchen residencies), Gelupo for Gelato says small dogs are OK but I haven’t gone in yet with doggy, and Tsujiri Matcha House let mine in. Polpo and Vinoteca I’ve heard are dog friendly across London, but I’ve only tried the locations in Soho which let us in. Although Vinoteca was funny about it at first; Polpo was very welcoming.

Thanks for the tip on Where the Pancakes Are. Had a nice breakfast there. Padella lets small dogs in, but since it gets so many tourists the other customers can get huffy about it. I only do it at off times.

40 Maltby on Maltby Street deserves a shout out too. They love dogs. In fact if you call and ask they strongly encourage you to bring him/her.

The Table Cafe is a great weekend brunch spot that lets dogs of all sizes in.

pastabites says:

This is brilliant info, thank you! I will update the post to include these latest. I keep it as up to date as I can, as things change constantly!

Susie Blackburn says:

I realise I’m a bit late spotting this blog, but appreciate it nevertheless.
I have quite a few places listed on my “Woof” Pinterest page (this is not suppose to be a blatant plug for my Pinterest page HONESTLY!),, which I keep checking to ensure it’s as up to date as I can make it. It may be of interest to you and others looking for dog friendly places. I find more and more places are relaxing about dogs these days, there seem to be quite a few places in Shoreditch and Marylebone now which is great. I think my Schnauzer is welcome in Shoreditch because she has the appropriate beard!

pastabites says:

Thank you – it’s always useful to hear more, so your link is very welcome!

Ellen says:

Was wondering if bala baya would be dog friendly and you already scouted it out. Thanks! Your page is a great resource for south London.

Two new-ish places for your list. Pique-nique from the casse croute team inside tanner park. More casual French with a chicken rotisserie and a changing menu. Dog friendly of course and a baby changer in the bathroom. Watch house coffee shop in shad thames is doing small plates at dinner and a few breakfast/brunch items in addition to the usual sandwiches. The only dog friendly place I know in shad thames.

Le Merlin (crepes) and p Franco (wine bar) on lower Clapton road in shoreditch are dog friendly.

And did you know the street feast markets are dog friendly.

pastabites says:

Thank you so much for the tips, have updated the post accordingly… very helpful. I haven’t been to street feast but it’s good to hear. So frustrating that Borough isn’t!

Zoe says:

This is fantastic, the most detailed and useful dog friendly round up I’ve found so far!

pastabites says:

Thank you, i am glaf it’s useful!

Vivienne says:

I live with my husky in Camden where the parks are great, but am thinking to return to Waterloo where I lived for thirty years . D’AngeLo is much bigger than your dog, but at least I’ll be able to go to Lower
Marsh with him. Very helpful! Thank you ! Are there any gated dog parks in Waterloo ?

pastabites says:

Thanks for your comments – indeed on Lower Marsh you will be fine! 🙂
In the park by the Imperial War Museum (GMH park) there is a fairly large gated area with grass and trees very good for dogs, however there is talk of opening it up to cyclists!! Which is terrible, as most of the park is open. There is also a dog training ground at the back by the way…but it’s open.

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