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Brunch at Megan’s, Fulham

Dog friendly in Fulham

I had been meaning to visit Megan’s for sometime, as I had heard how dog friendly they are and how good their brunches are too. They have a branch in Parsons Green, one on the Kings Road and one soon to be opened in Balham.

When I received an invitation to try it, I could not say no. We picked the Kings Road venue as it is slightly easier to reach by public transport (since we’re without a car at the moment). On a bright and sunny sunday morning myself and Amber made our way by bus, through the still sleepy and quiet streets of London. 

Pastabites reviews Megan's
Despite the day being so warm and clear, we were given a really lovely and more private room inside, which is cosy and quiet but somehow I wouldn’t have minded sitting outside especially having a dog (it was a little warm in the room, bathed in bright sunlight). I only figured out after we’d placed our orders that there was room outdoor, or I would have asked!

With our coffees, a bowl of water arrived for Amber. Coffee was good enough, although flat whites are served in a glass which makes it a little hard to drink while hot.


The menu has a few good choices with a middle eastern influence, perhaps not enough sweet or healthy variations (but a minor point).

Brunch dishes quickly followed. Mine was the Full Vegetarian: I enjoyed it, particularly the mushrooms and the sourdough bread, and the overall dish was a good value at (£11). My friend Lore had Eggs Royale but asked for spinach instead of ham, which was a good option of course; the hollandaise creamy and flavoursome.

MT opted for a Shakshuka, which she’d never tried. A large portion, slightly spicy and peppery. 
Pastabites reviews Megan's Pastabites reviews Megan's
The cake display was calling to us, and we shared an intense, chocolatey, delicious brownie before making our way onto the Kings Road. Other goods on offer included thumb print cookies, muffins, loaf cakes and pastries.

I really enjoyed Megan’s. The food was good but the venue itself is quite special. Lots of quirky details in the decor, plenty of different rooms and the outdoor area which is really nice for the summer. While I did not feel it was as dog friendly as they claim to be (at least not more than other places we regularly visit), it sure is a place I am looking forward to visiting again.

Brunch at Megan's
The Full Veggie
Brunch at Megan's

Brunch at Megan's Brunch at Megan's

Pastabites dined as guest of Megan’s; I was not asked to write this post, opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Brunch at Megan’s, Fulham

  1. Haven’t been to the King’s Road Megan’s yet but really enjoyed the Parson’s Green one! You’re right Megan’s is very special with lots of nice touches, looking forward to the Balham one opening to try that too 🙂

  2. Your dog is gorgeous. Megans looks lovely and the food looks nice as well. I love the way they bought the dog water with your coffees, dogs get so warm.

    1. I can’t imagine now, these days is too hot down here…! but yes the place was lovely, I am hoping to go back soon and sit in the patio 🙂

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