Konditor & Cook Summer Collection is here

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Ice cream and cake at Konditor & Cook

Last week, after work, I met @bmcboy and our toddler son and went to the launch of Konditor & Cook’s summer collection, Cool For The Summer. Their original shop in Waterloo is – or was and will be again – our local.

Right by my favourite gym ever, we usually go and pick up some of their delicious brownies for a treat. They recently refurbished the venue to remove the savoury / hot food buffet bar and create a small but cosy cafe area where people can sit down and enjoy a coffee with their cakes. 

The room also offers a showcase of Konditor & Cook amazing cake designs. We’ve been fans for years… my British Citizenship cake was a masterpiece of decoration and last year, my birthday cake was bespokely decorated with a nice message too. 

Konditor & Cook Cake launch summer 2018
Amazing cake design

Cool For The Summer

Inspired by timeless ice cream favourites,  their new range includes Blackcurrant Sundae, Yuzu Zinger, Victoria Glory and a Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake. Our favourite was Yuzu Ginger, its fragrant, citrus aroma a good contrast to the creaminess of the buttercream. Little hands also loved this one… sugar overload for the toddler! 

Alongside the cakes, we tried some of their brand new soft-serve ice cream, topped with a choice of their infamous Brownie Bites or Curly Whirly Crumble and drizzled with homemade caramel or chocolate sauce. It was great and it’s good to know it’ so so close to my gym (or is it?)

Konditor & Cook Cake launch summer 2018
Summer collection on dislay

More on the Summer Cake Range


This zesty zinger of a cake spins a Konditor twist on the classic Baked Alaska! Vanilla sponges soaked in yuzu syrup are stacked with a fluffy marshmallow and meringue whipped top, it’s sandwiched with lemon curd and frosted with delightfully cheek-puckering yuzu frosting. 


Can’t quite stretch to that holiday on the French Riviera this year? Transport yourself to the Côte d’Azur and feast on a slice of this lime soaked vanilla sponge with vibrant purple cassis frosting. 


Flipping an ice cream staple on its head is Konditor & Cook’s Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake. A buttery biscuit base is piled high with an extra luscious vanilla cream cheese and spiralled 99 times with raspberry swirls. Forget the calories, you’re already beach body ready – this is not for sharing!


Bringing it back to Blighty with a good old taste of home is the towering Victoria Glory. Daydream of the beach with a far-too-long spoon and cream around your chops, all whilst keeping it classy during your park lunchbreak. This classic Victoria Sponge is topped with mountains of fresh berries and delicate raspberry and vanilla meringues. 

Konditor & Cook Cake launch summer 2018

4 comments Konditor & Cook Summer Collection is here

These cakes look amazing! I would be there rather than the gym 10/10 times 🙂

pastabites says:

Well.. gym THEN cake, makes sense 🙂

Alison says:

What beautiful cakes, they are almost too pretty to eat.

pastabites says:

They do some wonderful decorations!

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