About me

Pastabites holding some pastaI am Italian and I live in London with my husband, our son and our beautiful basset fauve de bretagne.

I love eating out and writing, Pastabites blog was born out of these two passions. It is purely my non professional opinion on things I eat, places I visit, food I cook.

I am a Medievalist, I work in the financial industry and I love the Cure and Derren Brown. 

I also love dogs and I try to highlight when a venue I visit is dog friendly as I believe it is useful to other dog owners.

I am hugely involved with various charities and very keen on sustainability particularly with regards to sea food and fish.

Whatever I write… Opinions are my own!

In the media

I have been featured in a number of online, offline publications and TV shows:

  • Featured blogger on Foodmakers.it
  • Featured blogger in Psychologies magazine (Spring 2019)
  • Contributor to talk show The Chrissy B Show on Sky, on all things gourmet in London.
  • Appeared on a number of food TV shows including Market Kitchen and more recently, Culinary Genius. (episode winner)


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