A meal at Macellaio RC, Southwark

A few months ago I came across news on another new opening not far from where we live. An Italian restaurant, with butcher and bakery, under the railway arches by Union Street. We were unable to book during the soft opening at 50% off but we visited soon after… and have already become regulars! Needless to say we really like Macellaio RC.

We make all the dry ageing process in house, reaching between six and nine weeks of dry ageing for these special cuts, and we always butcher by hand

The interior is well laid out under the arches like so many enterprises in this area (my local gym for example). The restaurant is set up on two levels, with upstairs dedicated to wine and bakery and downstairs to the butchery. Dark tones of black and red and some quirky decor on the walls as well as a massive meat room at the back where the cuts of fassona from Piedmont hang (squeamish and vegetarians, look away now). 

meat hook
Beef hanging to dry age

Meat, meat, meat…

This is their third London branch (after Kensington and Exmouth Market) and the only one we have tried (more than once). The menu is divided into starters (cicchetti) which have a large choice of Ligurian bakery products, including the famous Focaccia di Recco, a sort of flat bread pizza stuffed with creamy local cheese. I had only tried it once before (in Liguria last summer) and Macellaio’s is way way better, the soft, white cream cheese oozing out of the well baked crisp bread. They also do ‘pissa’, the local pizza which is softer than a Neapolitan, much thicker, something between a focaccia and a pizza, also really good.

PIssa and focaccia

The starters also include a choice of cold cuts, cured in house, and tartare options, as well as – recent addition – a selection of ‘Cucina povera‘, rustic options such as pasta dishes, braised oxtail, stewed beef croquettes.

Fassona, the start of the show

The main attraction of the restaurant however, is their meat – fassona beef from Piedmont, one of the beefs with low cholesterol level, and great flavours. There are options to choose tagliata cuts (eg individually prepared) simply grilled with Tuscan olive oil and rock salt, or with more indulgent options such as pears and Gorgonzola (we only ever had the simple, and so delicious, way) or one can choose the cut (fiorentina, costata or fillet) and the weight (recommended is 300gr per person) and of course, they cooking time. The meat cut is presented at the table before cooking just in case one changes his / her mind on the size, cut etc and then prepared on the grill and lands at the table always precisely and beautifully cooked, cut and ready to share, bone on the table.

Fassona costata, ready!

A few sides can accompany the main show (broccoli, mash potatoes etc). They also do a small selection of desserts, from Tiramisu’ to chocolate cake, again what we tried was pretty good. @bmcboy particularly enjoyed the chocolate cake, a deep, rich chocolate brownie.


We personally love this new addition to our area, for many reasons: it is easy to get to, the service has always been very friendly and welcoming, they allow us to bring our well behaved pooch Amber (in a butchery! imagine. Italians are so so flexible when it comes to dining with your dog). Their wine list is curated by an expert sommelier and presents some valid choices (which I cannot wait to be able to try). But mainly, we simply love the meat, so when we feel like a boost of proteins and a proper steak, this is our ideal place. It will not suit any vegetarian of course, despite there being a few options on the menu, visually it can be challenging.

But if you are a meat lover, do not hesitate to try!

Macellaio RC Union Street

Arch 24, 229 Union Street, London
020 3848 0529

Focaccia di Recco

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