Brewdog at Waterloo

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Kids, dogs and adults will be happy!

The first thing you notice it’s its size: absolutely enormous. Then again, if you’re as old as me and as local as me, you would remember that this used to be where the Eurostar for Paris was born. Right under the curving platform of the former wonder of transport, a space left unused for decades is finally resurrected and what a resurrection it is!

Two floors and 27,500ft of craft beer nirvana inside Waterloo station

Managed by brewery Brewdog, the cavernous space is a multi functional, multi level indoor fun house which caters for adults, kids and dogs.

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After noticing its presence a week ago (it only opened a month ago, while we were away), I decided to visit again and take the 5yo. On a sunday morning, before the crowds wake up and come here for brunch or lunch, it was perfect. Empty, and so enjoyable.

I almost don’t want to share about it, for fear that it will be the next ‘hot spot’, yet I am sure it’s already pretty crowded at night anyway.

So let’s see what you can expect!

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Coffee & food

Brewdog itself occupies the majority of the extensive space, upstairs and downstairs with tables, private rooms and bars. They open the kitchen at 10am at weekends and offer burgers, vegan burgers, pizzas and salads as well as of course, their beer choice. You can also see the microbrewery (where they host tastings and masterclasses).

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In one of the corners is the latest branch of coffee chain Grind. The middle bar is elegant, and the table area is bright and pleasant. Their menu is in line with their other branches, and the coffee pretty good.

Another food on offer is – kiddies’ heaven – a whole ice cream van on the first floor which sells Hackney Gelato (closed until later in the day).

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The main attraction for families with young children is without a doubt the steel, winding tube slide. It is of course free to use and we loved having it all for ourselves for over an hour. I dare not think what it’s like when the place is busy but it’s cool for adults as well. There is a Duck pin bowling (bookings advisable) and a photo booth upstairs too.

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Work & more

It’s a co-working space, with plenty of areas to choose from, including – for those recording – a sound proof podcast studio and a ‘zoom’ room. There are ping pong tables too.

On the ground floor there is also an ethical florist ‘After the Rain’: their plants and flowers are grown in community sites and their profits are also given to the local communities.

Brewdog is overall strong on sustainability (eg carbon zero) although Grind gave us tap water in a plastic cup.

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The verdict

Fab new local space, so far we’re impressed and we’ll make the most of having it within short walking distance. They also offer ‘dog pawty’ packages and I have already booked for Amber’s 10th birthday!

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