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Product review: Ninja Foodi cooker

Until about a year ago, I had never owned nor used a slow cooker, but I had always been tempted by getting one. My first experience was with one which I ‘test drove’ with a few different types of cooking, and really enjoyed.

When I was given the opportunity to try a Ninjia product which has a similar set up but way more functions, I gladly accepted the offer, being now a fan of such machines.

The Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker combines many functions in one place including steam, bake, roast and grill.

Featuring TenderCrisp Technology, this one-pot wonder is the only pressure cooker that crisps. Simply pressure cook to lock in juices and finish with a golden crisp.

Ninja Foodi slow cooker

With the Foodi, it is easy to create complete meals, sides and desserts in a fraction of the time.

I have now had it a couple of weeks and have used it multiple times; I confess I have not yet used the ‘slow cooking’ which is, let’s say, their traditional aim. We cooked rice, chips, steak, veggies, chicken and.. well, yogurt (more below).

What I loved

I really like the idea that in a single pot you can achieve the depth of cooking you can get in a traditional oven, but way quicker. Take roast chicken for example. It can take two hours or so for a properly roasted, fall off the bone medium size bird to be done.

In the Ninja, it takes very little time, around half hour or so. In fact, while I am writing this, there’s a 1.5kg free range chicken from my local butchers resting in the fridge, it’s 6pm and I am not rushing to cook it for dinner yet.

The Ninja website has plenty of recipes and ideas, but most helpful is the instructions booklet which comes with a ‘do your own’ meal timeline. The concept is: pick a starch for the bottom of the pot (grains, rice, potatoes), then a protein (frozen or otherwise); pressure cook for a few minutes then add veggies, seasoning, dressing and crips up with the crisping lid.

Hand holding a plate with steak and potatoes
We tried steak and… potatoes too

It does work very well – it’s really quick and the results are great. It’s truly one pot wonder and really convenient as well as quick.

I cannot wait now to see how it performs as a slow cooker, especially now that winter is approaching.

The cons

There are some, as with all things. It’s absolutely huge and heavy and – since it comes with two lids, one detachable – takes up a lot of space in one’s kitchen.

It does not have a yogurt function. I tried making it, reading a few recipes on how to do it here and there but after a couple of failed attepts, I did not feel like wasting more milk and time. The lack of yogurt function might not be an issue for most, but for it’s a shame as I love making my own yogurt.

As with all slow cookers, you really need a lot of seasoning to enhance flavours, salt and more.

Roasting chicken legs
Roasting chicken and veggies – yes I cook with very little oil or fat!

Finally, it’s not cheap (retails at around £199, currently on offer at £174).

But if you’re looking for a single place to steam, pressure cook, slow cook and crisp, then this is a really, really cool gadget.

I was offered the Ninja Foodi complimentary for the purpose of this review. Opinions are my own.

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  1. I love my slow cooker, I use it all the time. This looks like it is a lot more versatile. I love the look of the pressure cooking function, will have to have a look at it

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