Chocolate salame - Christmas special

A recipe – Salame di Cioccolato festive edition

An italian classic

For those of us who grew up in Italy ‘salame di cioccolato’ (chocolate salame, of course) brings back memories of school parties and messy, chocolatey fingers. 

Made with cocoa, butter and plain biscuits as well as a good dose of rum, the salame is a no bake, easy to make crowd pleaser for sure. 

I had not made one in a long time, but since I had been invited to a friend’s birthday party, I decided to make it to bring something to the event. It is easy to carry, and keeps for a few days so it seemed the perfect choice. 

As we are approaching Christmas, I ‘pimped up’ the original version with some festive twists.

Needles to say, it did go down very well.

Merry Christmas!

Chocolate salame - Christmas special


  • 80gr coconut oil (can use butter)
  • 200gr dry biscuits (I used biscoff and a few cocoa cereal biscuits but it is ok to use rich tea type) crushed but with still ‘bits’ intact
  • 1 free range egg
  • 80gr golden caster sugar
  • 50gr milk chocolate ‘wafer’ by Guittard
  • 120gr cocoa powder unsweetened (Guittard works well)
  • 20gr raw cocoa powder with cinnamon
  • A small handful of dry cranberries
  • A small glass of spirit (grand marnier, rum, brandy) eg a shot glass


Melt the coconut oil and the milk chocolate wafers in a medium size bowl bain marie and whisk the sugar into it, until all smooth. Add the cocoa powders and mix well.  Remove from the heat and then add the egg, mixing well (it will get grainy, it’s fine).

Add the cranberries and the biscuits, mixing it all. Finally add the spirit.

Roll out a large piece of foil (or parchment paper). Place the content mixed above on it and make a ‘salami’ shape, closing the paper / foil around it and rolling further so it stays in ‘shape’.

Set in the fridge for at least 4 hours, then slice and serve with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Chocolate salame - Christmas special

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