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Culture Whisk: a new YouTube foodie channel

A cultural pot of great food and recipes

Sara and Stefano met years ago and became friends. They are both talented chef; Stefano in particular a pastry chef with experience in Michelin starred kitchens and chefs such as Gordon Ramsay. They recently started an exciting new project: a You Tube channel called Culture Whisk.

Their background are quite different: Stefano is from Puglia in Southern Italy, a region known for its heritage, great coastline, historic ‘white towns’ and fantastic food such as orecchiette. Sara is from Egypt, a country with a rich and ancient, majestic history and flavoursome cuisine.

Photo credit: Culture Whisk

It is their love of food and culture that got them together to create this enjoyable and fun channel. They launched only a few weeks ago and already have a solid number of regular followers that love their video recipes.

They put together dishes that seemingly have nothing to do with one another, yet they two chefs find so many similarities!
Watch them for the laughs, stories and amazing food that is cooked from the heart.

Photo credit: Culture Whisk

They publish a new video each week as they venture on this culinary journey which embraces different foods and cultures.

Admirably, Sara and Stefano are – as digital content creators – completely self taught. From the cool logo, to the props, from the shooting and editing of the videos ending up with You Tube marketing secrets, it’s all down to their hard work and dedication.

Welcome to our screens, Culture Whisk!

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