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Chocolate from Cambridge

The Cambridge Confectionery Company are a family business from Cambridgeshire known as Calico Cottage. Having been established since 1989 manufacturing in-store fudge-making systems, they branched out in 2012 to re-pack and bespoke label confectionery for the impulse and seasonal markets. Currently the range is offered through a number of retail partners; Tourist Attractions, Garden Centres and High Street Stores including, in London, Fortnum & Mason.

The Cambridge Chocolate COmpany

We have tried a number of their chocolates and fudges and found them to be really good, so we thought we would share our views with our readers.


First the chocolates. The dark chocolate (in bars and in special seasonal offerings such as domes) is intense, full of nutty flavour and not too bitter. 

The white chocolate is sweet, milky and smooth. The milk chocolate, although not my favourite, was appreciated by @bmcboy who wolfed down the marshmallow and white chocolate slab in two days! Cambridge Chocolate Company


These are also not my thing, usually – it’s a very British item and not something we grow up with in Italy. It can be stodgy and heavy if ‘industrially produced’ but can also be warmingly comforting when properly made, and fresh. The Cambridge Confectionery Co’s fudge is exactly this.. we tried the Raspberries variety and the chocolate and orange, the latter being our favourite, not overly sweet and with a good balance of flavours. 

Sustainable effort

As of March 27th 2018 they have officially launched a range of bags of sweets which use 100% compostable packaging, which I think it’s great.

Wherever possible they are dedicated to eliminating single use plastics. Not easy, and not always possible but wherever they can achieve this they will. 80% of their hand-packed range of sweets is now available in compostable packaging that replaces single use plastics. 

They’re incredibly excited to be at the forefront of this change in the confectionery industry and they are members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.

Fudges by the Cambridge Chocolate COmpany

 Cambridge Chocolate COmpany

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