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Product review – Pago juices

As with many of my posts on this blog, memories play a big part. I grew up drinking ‘succhi di frutta’, fruit juices, intense, rich and often thick fruit juices in small glass bottles. The typical flavours of my childhood were peach or pear, which for some reason, was not my favourite (must have been the slightly grainy texture of the fruit). 

‘Barista, un succo di frutta al fico’ – ‘spiacente, il fico non ce l’abbiamo’ – ‘ma no che hai capito, il fico sono io!’ (ex boyfriend, circa 1990)

While the traditional brands are still available throughout Italy for little ones and adults alike, new flavours and options have come up on the market from new and established brands and some of these are finding their way to the UK market too (and I am pleased about it of course). 

Pago Juices

Pago Juices

With a history spanning back to 1888, Pago’s original core values still ring true today. Pago juices are only produced from natural ingredients, sourced from the best producers in the world. It’s green distinctive bottle captures the secret of taste intensity through a broad number of delicious fruity flavours, indispensable in the best bars, cafés and restaurants across Europe.

I was sent a box with three varieties to try them out just as summer is coming to our shores and a refreshing drink is a pleasure to enjoy.

Pago Juices

I picked two of my favourite flavours: peach, as per my childhood taste, ACE (carrot, orange and lemon) as per more recent preference and a new one, unusual for Italy (rubharb).

I shared them with my colleagues and my friends to get their views too. While I am used to thicker, more dense fruit juices, British public might not necessarily be familiar with them, preferring cordials and squeezed juices more. 

The general consensus has been positive, with many friend commenting on the fruity, pleasant flavours of the juices as well as the interesting texture. While everyone found them a little bit too sweet, I was again more used to the sweetness too, and did not find it overpowering.

I actually enjoyed all three varieties of Pago, my favourite, still, after all these years, being the peach. 

Enjoy them on a hot summer’s day…and drink some of your ‘5 a day’ in the process!

In the UK Pago can be found in a number of bars, restaurants, cafés and delis throughout the country.

Pago Juices

I was sent a box of Pago juices for the purpose of this review but received no financial incentive; opinions are my own


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