Pastabites loves the Collective!

Product review – The Collective yogurts

Great dairy, no bull…

Since my fitness freak streak which started 3 years ago, I am now a regular consumer of yogurts. Usually and mainly for breakfast, is the low fat / zero fat variety, however, in a effort to up the protein and the good fats, I do treat myself to full fat yogurt more often than not. And if I ‘have to have’ calories, then my pots of choice are the scrumptious, delicious ones from the Collective.

They started making yogurts in New Zealand and a few years ago, set up shop in the UK as well, with the help of local entrepreneurs.

Love at first sight

I first tried them a couple of years ago at Be:Fit London, where they had a stand and were doing some trial offers… and well, I never left them since. They have the large tubs of 440gr, the smaller, individual portion size of 150gr and they also offer ‘suckies‘  for kids as well as the recently launched ‘Pro Yo’, a protein drinkable yogurt suckie. I have yet to find this locally and try but of course, I cannot wait.

Pastabites loves the Collective!

Their regular flavours always available are fruity and sweet; my favourite are the mango and the Scottish raspberry flavours. Then they tantalise their fans’ taste buds by issuing some special editions which are so often incredible. The latest for example is Mascarpone and Strawberry and it’s just gorgeous, it’s like eating a dessert rather than a yogurt. It can’t be bad for you now, can it?

Pastabites loves the Collective!
Empty tubs… of course, they didn’t last long!

Amogst the small tubs, I looooove the Russian Fudge, currently on the shelves, and the previously available Coffee. Both of them simply yummi. These small ones are my treat in the afternoon, especially when I am / was at work and needed a pick me up.

They are available in Waitroseand Tesco that I know of, however the smaller, local supermarkets don’t always stock them sadly!

I decided to do this review purely out of my love for the products; I received no incentive of product tasters from the producers.

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