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Product review – Diforti vegetarian antipasti box

Bring  delicious Sicilian flavours to food lovers outside of Italy.

A few years ago it was fairly hard to find good quality italian groceries in London, and I used to fly back from Napoli with a suitcase full of pasta packs and cheese, as well as biscuits and the occasional tin of tomatoes. Nowadays is much easier to locate ingredients for a proper authentic home cooked meal and there are many online shops where to order and have delivered products right to your doorsteps. The first of this was possibly Nife is Life, whom I have been using since they first launched around 10 years ago.
I was recently approached by another retailer which I did not know with the offer to try out one of their antipasti boxes. I did like the look of their site as well as the selection and brands they offer for sale so I gladly accepted the taste test. Reading from their site, Diforti have actually been going as a ‘salumeria’ for a while (1875!) and started in a small village in Sicily. Now the younger generations have embraced the digital age and why not, they share the brand online to reach out more customers.


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I received the chosen antipasti box by Diforti with a few interesting products. Since I had a few friends over for a baby sleeping session (such is life at the moment) I thought it would be a great idea to enjoy an Aperol Spritz after the session (it’s still friday for some after all) and try out the vegetarian selection. The box included caperberries, honey and chili peanuts, chargrilled artichokes, balsamic pickled onions (each 100gr) 2 types of italian herb & olive oil crackers (250gr):

Everything was of good quality, no doubt. No palm oil in sight! The two crackers were both good, and we preferred the variety called finestrotti as it had a bit more saltiness and crunch. The caperberries were good, I love them but not sure everyone else did… the olives we all found a little too spicy, both the ones with the piri piri chili pepper inside, and the ones without. The artichokes were nicely flavoured and quite light and thinly sliced (I actually used the left overs in a nice tomato and feta salad the next day). I loved the chili peanuts, a little bit of heat with the sweetness of the coating was moreish. The pickled onions (in balsamic vinegar) were the winner, favourite item for everyone on the group, sweet and mild.

Diforti selection
The balsamic onions

Overall we enjoyed the selection; the box retails at £15 (although the one on the website has a tub of sundried tomatoes instead of the other pack of crackers), which is not that cheap in my opinion, however the food is more authentic than what you’d buy in a supermarket for sure. Diforti also sell single ingredients, which are worth considering especially if cooking something Italian or Sicilian.

Pastabites review Diforti

I received the antipasti selection for the purpose of reviewing it; opinions are my own.

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