Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella

Le Strade della Mozzarella come back to London


Two years ago I had the pleasure to attend the first London session of established Italian event Strade della Mozzarella (mozzarella roads) which is held each spring in beautiful Paestum. It was founded by the local Consorzio (cooperative) that groups together mozzarella di bufala producers from the area, to promote the knowledge and appreciation of such excellence.

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella
In love with this ricotta

This year again, the afternoon long event was held at the Baglioni hotel in Kensington, but was also preceded by a celebration of pizza the night before at recently opened Da Michele in Stoke Newington, attended by a few famous Neapolitan pizzaioli including Salvatore Salvo. I missed this evening due to recent baby arrival of course, but I hear from first hand accounts it was fantastic and the pizza were of course amazing.

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella
Accursio Craparo in conversation with Luciana Squadrilli

The event in London

Yet the next day, I was able to taste some incredible mozzarella di bufala and a stunning ricotta di bufala, while listening to some really interesting demos by Italian chefs. The fil rouge of the event is to use mozzarella in original and creative ways, and the chefs on site surely did not disappoint! I caught Sicilian Accursio Craparo‘s demo and tasted his interesting albeit quite complicated dish, Gomitolo di Mozzarella (mozzarella’s yarn). I loved Danilo Cortellinis chat (plus, my sister was presenting and hosting), he was as usual engaging and very friendly, and of course loved his dish too, whose recipe is included in his cook book (4 Grosvenor Square) and puts together fish and mozzarella (not something you see in Italy much!). The dish was delicate and well balanced, as well as visually beautiful, and used first season wild asparagus.

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella
Danilo Cortellini’s dish of mackerel and mozzarella

He was followed by Angelo Sabatelli from Pulia who presented an incredible dessert using extra virgin olive oil, another excellence of Italy’s produce.

Many the sponsors who brought their products to London from local Cilento wines (to which I am always partial to), to Sapori di Corbara tomatoes (sweet and intense), Caputo flour and excellent pasta from Gragnano Pastificio dei Campi.

The event was attended by industry workers, chefs, journalists and fellow bloggers and very well received. So here’s to next year!

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella

Pastabites - Le strade della mozzarella
Craparo’s dish

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    1. You can actually bake with olive oil, in fact, it is somehow ‘trendy’ to make olive oil cakes, yet this one was one of a kind, and really beautifully crafted!

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