Product review – Nespresso limited editions (Mexico and Rwanda)

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For its newest Limited Edition launch, Nespresso presents two Pure Origin Grands Crus born in the contrasting coffee growing communities of Lake Kivu, Rwanda and Chiapas, Mexico.

I have never visited Ruanda, but I have been to Mexico and I love the country, which I would like to visit further in the future. I was therefore  keen to try Nespresso’s latest cru dedicated to the country. I love the sleeves, on both crus: colourful, stylish and very much in line with each country’s colourful visual heritage, the surely stand out.


As per Nespresso press release: Nespresso pays tribute to these two small but highly knowledgeable and motivated communities – one utilising contemporary post-harvest techniques, and the other using traditional methods passed down through the generations.

The names the brand chose for these two special editions both use the word ‘heart’ in local languages, to celebrate the dedication the farmers have to coffee cultivars. In particular, when it comes to Mexico, the aim was to preserver a family tradition as for generations, locals have grown the beans under the shade of the beautiful, lush rainforest of the region, which helps slow down and prolong the ripening and generates a reliable high quality in the aromas.

Preserving a family tradition in Mexico

The taste? I actually preferred the Rwanda cru, finding it more mellow and rounded, although not intense enough in my view, for a shot of espresso, it went well for a mid afternoon pick me up. The Chiapas cru was slighly too bitter for me, but I liked its aroma and floral notes.

Nespresso Nespresso

I received samples to try complimentary by Nespresso; opinions are my own, I was not asked to write this post.

Disclaimer: I no longer endorse Nespresso products due to the environmental impact the capsules have on the environment; I am now more informed and no longer buy aluminium pods, preferring compostable compatible pods by independent coffee roasters. I am however grateful to Nespresso for inviting me to their events in the past and introducing me to the brand.

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GALINA V says:

I don’t have a Nespresso, we use a bean-to-coffee machine. But last year I had a Nespresso machine on loan and tried a selection of their coffees. One day I’ll get myself a smaller Nespresso thingy. I would probably prefer the Rwandan coffee too, as I’m not too keen on bitter coffee.

pastabites says:

I now have the Nespresso and a pressure espresso machine, so depending on the mood, I use either 🙂 Husband doesnt drink coffee so not happy about the counter ‘real estate’ taken up by those!

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