Pizza Gourmet: Identità Golose at Harrods

The love of Brits for that beautiful Neapolitan tradition that is pizza does not seem to abate. The latest exciting event in the world of dough and flour and tomato is Pizza Gourmet, a joint venture between Harrods Pizzeria and Identità Golose.

Opening night

From Tuesday 27th until Saturday 31st October, six limited edition pizzas by two very different but equally talented pizzaioli will be offered to the London public: Franco Pepe of famous Pepe in Grani pizzeria from Caiazzo (near Caserta) and Simone Padoan from I Tigli (near Verona). Amongst the pizzas to try the ‘Mistaken Margherita’ by Pepe and ‘From Land to Sea Pizza’ from Padoan with shrimps and Mediterranean vegetables.

From land to sea by Padoan

At the launch event, I attempted to try all the varieties on offer, but failed miserably mainly due to the fact that I kept chatting to loads of lovely people, from my friend Sonia (who writes this beautiful blog) to Paolo Marchi, the larger than life founder of Identità Golose, whom is always a true pleasure to see. I did not get a chance to meet Padoan, but I had to meet Franco Pepe and I am glad I did, he’s a great ambassador not only for contemporary pizza but also for our southern Italy food scene. Daniel Young features Pepe in Grani (as well as I Tigli) in his forthcoming pizza ‘bible’ and the two had a lot to catch up on. I now cannot wait to visit Caiazzo, if the slices I tried in Harrods are anything to go by, I am in for a special carb loaded treat. It was inspiring to hear Franco’s thoughts behind his own pizza and how he defines is as ‘my own’ as opposed to being defined as a ‘Neapolitan pizza’.

Daniel Young and Franco Pepe
Daniel Young and Franco Pepe

For or the next few days, Pizza Gourmet is a great opportunity to savour two of Italy’s best pizzaioli’s individual take on the Neapolitan staple.


Pizza Gourmet opening hours:
Monday – Friday 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday 11.30am to 9:00pm
Sunday 11.30am to 6.00pm

Price: around £30 pp including a drink and coffee.

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