FoodYardFriday launch in Elephant & Castle

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I love living where I live but there is not a huge amount of food events happening within ‘walking distance’. Things are maybe changing a bit and the opening in late 2014 of The Artworks, in the ‘regeneration’ area of Elephant & Castle might be a sign of that. I was invited to the launch event of their Friday nights, #FoodYardFriday, and despite knowing the area relatively well, it took me a while to work out where it was, making my past dodgy corner stores and back streets, while I could have saved myself some hassle and arrived from the main entrance, right on Walworth road. It is an open space, made up of a number of containers hosting a bunch of arts and craft studios and a number of street food venues.

FoodYardFriday entrance

#FoodYardFriday is a new series of food, drink, art & music shebangs. Every Friday, our foodinistas and drinks doyennes will up their game by offering special dishes, drinks and cocktails with a twist whilst our food yard space kicks back to the eclectic beats of our bar and guest DJs.

Myself and a group of other bloggers (including Hot & Chili, TikiChris, London Unattached and the Wine Sleuth) met there and begun a comprehensive tasting tour of the various outlets, starting from juice bar Spark, where I sipped on a refreshing ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot) and heard more about how they started and their offering (which includes cocktails as well as a therapy room).

We moved on to the Elephant Shack, where they bake their own organic flatbreads and offer an eclectic but mouthwatering menu which includes Huevos Rancheros, tagines, burgers and cheese melts. We tried a Lamb pitta which was delicious and very juicy (lamb from selected British farms) and some cocktails (a virgin mojto for me). Next door we visited the cute Marcel & Sons, Mauritian comfort food with also some cute product show case (such as organic body care). We tried Bao Pao (strips of beef in a soft bun), Nouik Nian (really strange but delicious chayote dumplings) and Bol Renverse, an upside down bowl with rice, chicken, mushrooms, Mauritian sausage and a fried egg.

Bol Renverse at Marcel & Sons

Unfortunately I was pressed for time having to go home and pack my suitcase, so I moved swiftly on to try some more food, and made my way to Le Frenchie Bistro where I managed to get a taste of their Duck Confit Burger with rocket, mustard,,, red onion chutney and goats cheese in a brioche bun, which I happily shared with Norman, the Yard’s manager. The duck confit was very good, and quite a substantial portion too; the container itself is really nicely decorated with some vintage style pewter cutlery and drinking vessels.


I peeked into Fresh Vietnamese (would have loved to try their food too), Elephantastic Pizza which, frankly, did not look very appetising (I am Neapolitan and fussy on pizza, sorry), and Six Yard Box, a welcoming bar with a table football and a good selection of beers, both industrial and artisan. I then re-joined my fellow bloggers who were loving the Black Acorn iberico burgers (they looked great) and said my goodbyes.

There are a few more food entrepreneurs coming soon, and given the proximity, I will definitely come back to The ArtWorks  for some more, perhaps for sunday brunch as well.

More photos from the night

IMG_8676 IMG_8667 IMG_8665

IMG_8663   IMG_8660


I was a guest at the launch, opinions are my own. I was not asked to write this post.

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