A meal at Alimentum, Cambridge

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Corpus Christi

What was I doing in Cambridge?

Last week I spent a fantastic day with my friend and colleague Nancy volunteering with Teach First. I must admit, I have never been keen on volunteering with students (particularly teenagers!) and would rather spend my do good hours protecting the environment, both flora and fauna. Yet the day was going to be spent in Cambridge’s Corpus Christi college, not usually open to the public and that certainly represented a major draw. The fact that was also the location for one of my favourite restaurant, was the icing on the cake! Nancy and I tried to book Midsummer House for dinner but unfortunately Daniel was not going to be around, so we took the decision to book instead Alimentum, neither of us having been before but both very keen on trying it (especially since chef Mark Poynton worked with Daniel Clifford for years).

The day volunteering went really quickly and was, and for me also unexpectedly, amazing and incredibly rewarding. The students were bright, smart, fun and very passionate and so were the Teach First teachers and volunteers we met. The day itself was sunny and warm and Cambridge is such a beautiful place, I loved the whole experience. Alimentum concluded a really perfect day out of London!

Let’s go for dinner

The restaurant is outside of the town’s historic centre but conveniently only a short stroll away from the station. It’s modern and sleek and quite plain from the outside. The ambiance is relaxed and elegant and the service was friendly and unobtrusive.

Eel, Apple, Horseradish
Plaice Véronique
Plaice Véronique
Seabass, Cauliflower
Pork Belly
Pork Belly
Lemon Curd
Lemon Curd
BBQ Orange
BBQ Orange
AMouse Bouche
How we started…


Square Meal

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