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A few months ago I was reading Mrs Marmite Lover’s blog and stumbled upon her mention of a newly launched Italian online deli. Since my regular online deli (of which I had been a customer for 9 years) recently kind of annoyed me thanks to their lack of customer service, making me stop buying from them but I was longing for some fresh mozzarella, proper one, and similar home grown product. I decided to trust Mrs Marmite’s opinion and placed my first order from Delicatezza UK

Fast forward a few months and I am now a regular with them. They are lovely people (they helped us for our recent fundraising lunch) and they have a growing selection of researched products as well as (unfortunately but such is life) mass market products and brands (which I used to buy myself years ago, mea culpa). 

Some of my favourite products? Of course their stracciata – it’s absolutely delicious: creamy, soft, and salty to the right amount. Really worth trying and perfect with some Parma ham (which of course they also sell. I also love their fiordilatte – great texture, beautifully fresh. 
The Luganica sausage, freshly made in the UK using italian recipe, is great for a Neapolitan ragu, flavoursome, peppery and not too fatty. 
A great selection of imported cheeses and meats is available as well: from salame felino to Sardinian pecorino, there is really a pretty wide choice. Dry products include of course pasta and the brands range from Barilla (ouch) to Gragnano artisan pasta (phew). Fresh pasta is made to order: choose the type of pasta, the filling and the amount, and voila’, pasta is delivered fresh and completely made to order. I have tried a couple of options and always found it enjoyable and fairly priced and some are quite flamboyant as well.

Amongst the sweet options, I adore their freshly made mini cannoli – I could eat a ton of them! In my latest order I also picked up a Torrone Nurzia from Abruzzo, one of the best in Italy and one that was present at our first fundraising dinner donated by Nurzia themselves. Great to see it now for sale in London.
Finally the drinks selection: of course, major brands are available (Santal, San Pellegrino) with Chinotto (my favourite fizzy drink) making an appearance but it’s their wine selection that has some very good grapes (Pecorino delle Terre di Chieti amongst the whites). 
I definitely recommend Delicatezza – their prices are very competitive, they offer free delivery in Central London and they often do discounts to their mailing list subscribers. 

They are offering readers of Pasta Bites a 15% off introductory discount using code PASTABITES15 available until 15 December.

I did not receive any products to sample. I just really like their stuff! Opinions are my own.

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Rosana says:

I am yet to try Delicatezza, they seem to have very good quality products. R

They certainly do and their selection keeps expanding! you can use the special discount – it’s worth it 😉

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