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A weekend at Ludlow food festival

Having met the lovely @agaqueen on my first Market Kitchen appearance about a year ago, we had kept in touch (again the power of twitter) and after a couple of London coffee breaks, I had decided that one day I would have paid a visit to Ludlow. Here (or rather, nearby) Carolyn runs a foodie B&B with her husband Henry.

After a few months of planning, the time finally came that myself and my other half went on yet another Mini adventure in the English countryside. After a long drive on a Friday night we arrived at Lower Buckton, where hungry guests where waiting for us to start their three course evening meal. Carolyn cooks splendid, locally sourced, meals. We had hogget liver with onion and apple chutney, partridge with beetroots three way, pink fir potatoes and carrots and lavender and wild plum custard tart. It was amazing, and the company just as great. 

The next day, after browsing the Ludlow food festival in the beautiful surrounding of the town’s medieval castle (food and middle ages, heaven for me) we prepared ourselves for the evening meal. Booked through Carolyn (as she’s a foodie celebrity around here!) we had a table for 7 at the Bosi/Clifford pop up festival restaurant. I had my reservations somehow, but I needn’t have to. Our six course meal was a fantastic experience! 

After a round of aperitifs, we had our first starter.

A ‘soup’ of broccoli with blue cheese and caramelised almonds. Incredibly good, if a little cold.

Next, came the reconstructed chicken wings with endive puree and what looked like a dark crisp.The crisp was in fact chicken skin! Crunchy and good.

This was followed by hand dived scallop with apple and hazelnut crust which was for me the most forgettable dish of the night; not bad, just not that great. 

The main was lamb with courgette, basil and tomato and it arrived looking very pink. The colour betrayed a slow cooking, and it was actually very well cooked, if a little lacking in ‘lamby’ taste.

Finally, the desserts. The first one was simply wonderful. A white chocolate and raspberry mini roulade, with raspberry ice cream, crumbs of merengue and tarragon drops. Fabulous. 

The next dessert was just as interesting. Espresso sorbet, whiskey creme anglaise and chocolate madeleine was delicious and right to the right level and I ate two as my other half does not like coffee (lucky me!). 

We enjoyed a Soave dessert wine which if a tad expensive, went down really well with the sweet items. 

Overall, we had a great night and great company – helped by delicious food. Looking forward to visiting both Hibiscus and Midsummer’s House soon.

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  1. Non e’ giusto, voglio vedere anche il secondo dessert, dov’e’ finito l’espresso sorbet? 🙂
    Insomma, che cena super!
    a presto, K

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