Tips for a zero waste Christmas & gifts ideas to make a difference

Zero Waste Christmas

Zero waste is everywhere, which is a good thing of course. And as Christmas is yet approaching again, there are already plenty of guides recommending how to have a zero waste Christmas and give presents that have less impact on…
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12 Christmas gift ideas for the eco conscious

Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

The Blue Planet effect There is no planet B… I  was really lucky recently to attend a presentation by Al Gore, former US VP and environmental activist and advocate. While his talk focussed on sustainable investing (which is one necessary…
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Press Release: “Save the Oceans: Feed the World”‏

Occasionally I receive invites to events and dinners, and often these invites are really interesting. Yet nothing would have been as exciting as attending today’s Oceana in San Sebastian at the Basque Culinary Center, especially for someone as keen on…
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