A meal at a supper club – Malaysian by May Chinese New Year

I love South Asia, as those who read this blog might remember. Finally I managed to get in at one of the famous Grazing Asia supper clubs held at London Foodie‘s home. I was really looking forward to trying May’s cuisine, so I booked two spaces at a Malaysian by May event.
The supper club evening I picked however, was not entirely Malaysian – May had planned a Chinese New Year feast, given that the evening coincided with the 7th day of the Chinese New Year. Now, I must admit Chinese food is not exactly my favourite asian grub, so I had some doubts as to whether I would have fully enjoyed the meal.

Happy New Year!

Arriving fashionably late (thanks to my public transport skills and a bunch of nasty cab drivers), we were greeted by a welcome G&T and a full house. Just the time to savour a dim sum, we were soon invited to take our seats at the tables in the downstairs area. With me, @Gi_Nav and my Italian friend Lori who took @bmcboy’s place at the last minute (as he stayed home with a nasty flu).

Recognising some foodie friends and meeting some new people, we took our seats. May soon came over to introduce the first dish –  Yee Sang salad – which has to be eaten after everyone tucks in with chopsticks, lifting the vegetables and the raw fish as high in the air as possible! 
This starter was delicious, very delicate and bursting with exotic flavours (particularly the sesame seeds). 

Chicken noodle soup followed, served in individual bowls. This also was highly enjoyable and very delicate. May told us noodles have to be on the New Year’s table. We didn’t complain.

Next, the first Malay dish of the evening and the first main course – Kelantan Style Roast Quail Perci. May explained that usually you would serve a whole chicken, which must be eaten on the bone. In this case, she choose quail which was a more appropriately sized bird for the supper club. 

At this stage, I encountered the first challenge of the evening. 
To eat a quail with bare hands, without hitting your fellow diners (whom you mostly have not seen before), was particularly difficult! I did miss westernised knife and fork but I loved the dish – the spice combination was punchy and nicely roasted. Loved it.


Malaysian Prawns

The next main course was my absolute favourite – and yet again a Malay one.  
Malaysian Golden Prawns were fantastic.. I could have eaten way more than the 3 I helped myself to! Fresh chili leaves, a thick paste (guessing, dry shrimps) and the fresh prawns… just so good. Delicate, but intense. I felt the challenge again, as picking saucy prawns with bare fingers is interesting to say the least. I unashamedly licked my fingers then cleaned them with the wet wipes provided.

Following on, we enjoyed Crispy Pork Belly. Extremely well roasted, I did love the aromatic spices and the crispy skin, even if I dont usually choose pork belly because of the fat amount. I could detect a hint of a Thai style marinade, but I might be mistaken. 

Braised mushrooms

The final main course was Prosperity Braised Mushrooms with Sea Moss and Pak Choy, my least favourite of the night. The flavours were once again light, subtle and the dish well put together but I am not sure I liked the sea moss. Original, tho – I had never tried it (where did you find it, May?). 
This was served with Special Fried Rice with dried sausage, which was actually very tasty. I was too embarrassed to accept a second portion (so silly, I know). 

Dessert time! May prepared three different puddings. One was a Lotus Flower and Red Bean fertility soup and, as I don’t like red bean, I did not eat too much of… yet Lori loved it and finished her bowl. The Pineapple Tart were sweet yummy canapes and the New Year cake was a laugh. It looked like dulce de leche, it stuck to our lips and tongues, but actually I did like the flavour!  

I had a great night and I was very happy to finally taste May’s food – so I cannot wait to repeat the experience with more suppers! 


  1. lucy

    what interesting etnic dishes!

  2. May

    So glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we should give a warning about eating with hands. BTW, the sea moss is from any shop in chinatown. You need to soak it before using.


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