Mini bites product review : Cornish Ice creams and mince pies


During our gorgeous Cornish holiday back in April, we drove past Callestick Farm and did not get a chance to stop. What’s there? An ice cream factory and one that produces some delicious, healthy (well, yes…) flavours.

We have become aficionados since our local grocery Greensmiths opened its doors a couple of years ago. They stock good quality products, from Ginger Pig meats to Solstice vegetables and in their freezer cabinet, Callestick Farm ice cream. We regularly purchase these pots, which do not come cheap at over £3.99 (Greensmith’s price) for 500gr but they are so good, it is hard to resist. Our favourite flavours are without a doubt Chocolate Fudge and Honeycomb. They sometimes introduce new flavours – recently we tried Apple Pie but despite tasting very much like apple, did not convince us enough to be repeat buyers.


Could there be yet another Cornish ice creams around? It seems there is. Kelly’s of Cornwall have a nice looking website and like Callestick, use Cornish milk and dairy products in their ice cream. I was not familiar with the range until Wild Card PR kindly sent me a 1lt pot to try and enjoy at home, right on time for Christmas. At first, @bmcboy and I were not convinced by the black, plastic packaging, expecting something perhaps more sustainable / less industrial looking. Yet the content proved much better than the package. Their new, seasonal flavour is Clotted Cream & Brandy Butter. It is indeed perfect with mince pies (and particularly with fabulous ones such as Stevie Parle’s, pictured).

I found this ice cream so very different from Callestick’s; much more soft and creamy and light textured, whereas Callestick is closer to an Italian ice cream. For a day to day ice cream consumption (yes, we usually have a pot in the freezer whatever the weather) I prefer the colder consistency of Callestick, but as an indulgent festive treat Kelly’s Brandy Butter ice cream is great, and I really enjoyed the brandy hints coming through.Merry Christmas everyone! 


Both ranges are available from Tesco

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